Privacy Policy

You are aware that scammers and con artists constantly look for personal and confidential information of people, so are we…!!!

However as an ethical organization founded to serve its clients, we continuously take steps to protect your information from unauthorized access.

In order to get our assistance in arranging suitable amount of loan, you provide us certain personal information of yours such as name, contact number, e-mail id, address etc. through our application form. However we make all such information password protected. Therefore you should choose your log in ID and password as a combination of alphabets and digits, so that it becomes tough to copy.

You are requested to log out of your account, every time you log in so that no unauthorized person gets access to it.

On our part, we have implemented globally accepted information security measures to protect your information; Firewall is a part of these measures.

We do not place cookies on your system to collect information. These are used to enhance your user experience. However you can always disable cookies, if you wish to.

We regularly and continuously work to protect your information and therefore keep on updating our privacy policies. You should visit this place regularly to keep yourself aware.